A quietly intriguing “pas de deux” featuring the Canadian pianist, composer and all round bon viveur Chilly Gonzalez and very British Pulp frontman and now broadcaster Jarvis Cocker. The idea for this evening and cooperation between the two men came from a navel gazing stay in a luxurious hotel based in Hollywood, the Chateau Marmont Hotel. It is quite a place to feel sorry for oneself and try to piece one’s thoughts together and finding inspiration from, reconnecting with oneself and the perception of that self at the end of a relationship while at the same time reconnecting with the ghosts of a glorious past, mainly associated with the star-making machine that was the film industry in the thirties. It could have been self-indulgent and decadent and trite, but Cocker’s self-deprecating sarcasm and Chilly Gonzales’s bohemian world-weariness make it funny and likeable while the presence of the dancer Maya Orchin bringing to life the Time Lapse Dance with flowing robes and strobe lights is the highlight of the evening proving once more that the fusion of different art forms is the only possible way forward.

Room 29, Barbican Theatre 24 March 2017

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