by Vittorio Pulli.


A lady on the left is wearing a Burka, somber, dignified, isolated. She is confronted by a crowd, unaccustomed to the religious practice of wearing a burka. Their reaction is of uncertain condemnation, fear of the other, tinged with anger. The confrontation could be imminent but the demeanor of the lady stops any extreme reaction. Puzzled, incredulous, the crowd learns how to respect a different culture.

Materials: Black ink and oil pastels on old, moth-eaten Fabriano paper. Measurements: 48 x 65 cm. Price on application.

Limited Edition Fine Art prints stand out for their high-quality specs, for durability compared with standard digital printing. Vittorio Pulli’s limited edition fine art prints are printed on the following hi-specs paper: natural white, smooth and matte Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, 90% Bamboo fibre and 10% cotton, 290 gsm with white border. Each Limited Edition Fine Art print is numbered, stamped and signed by the artist.

Open edition high-resolution prints of the original artwork are printed on premium 200 gsm A3 paper with white border.

NB: border widths will vary depending on the original picture size/aspect ratio.

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