Vittorio Pulli, painter
Vittorio Pulli, painter and poet

Born in Apulia (Italy) during the Second World War, Vittorio Pulli is an accomplished poet and self-taught painter. The late professor Giovanni Battaglini, much loved lecturer of International Law at the University of Ferrara, was the first person to discover, appreciate and encourage Vittorio’s creative drive and talent. His writings, first published by Gabrieli Editori, Rome, in the eighties, are imbued with a bucolic joie de vivre yet darkened by the awareness of the unavoidable absurdity of life. His paintings and drawings express his powerful obsessions in simple yet visually stunning compositions.

In Vittorio’s words: “All my paintings have followed me wherever I’ve been, all of my life. I find it extremely hard to part with them. I mainly work on paper, and the paper I use is very old, moth-eaten, dramatically showing the passing of time”.

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