Self-portrait by Vincenzo Sanapo
Vincenzo Sanapo, illustrator, self-portrait

Vincenzo Sanapo believes that drawing is an instinct; indeed, life itself.

As a child, he would spend hours scribbling on everything, in search of the fantasy world he had encountered through characters from Japanese fairy tales and animated films. Over the years, that instinct became his close companion, so much so that he decided to embrace it as his profession. Thus started his quest for his artistic vocation, through various professional courses in cartoon drawing, painting and illustration and it was in the latter that he found that fantasy world he had so cherished as a child.

The two courses in illustration that had the most impact on his career as an illustrator were at Fine Art Factory (Martina Franca), where he was fortunate enough to meet two huge names in the world of illustration; Gabriel Pacheco, in 2011 and Roger Olmos in 2012.

Since then, Vincenzo Sanapo has collaborated with publishing houses on a number of projects, including designing covers and providing illustrations for various works.

In 2012, in collaboration with Studio LT2, he published his first picture book, Fiabe per Leoni Veneziani (Tales for Venetian Lions), a series of interpretations of classic fairy tales.

Starting from 2010, Vincenzo Sanapo participated in various arts competitions mainly in the Puglia region of Italy.

In his relentless search for his artistic dimension, he recently discovered the world of Artist’s Books and since 2015 he has expanded his horizon into the domain of art therapy.

Vincenzo  is also available to work on commission.

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