Roberta Ianne, Painter
Roberta Ianne, painter

Roberta ianne was born in 1968, in Carmiano, Italy.
On completion of her studies at her local arts college, she embarked on a learning path, exploring different techniques in the world of figurative art, finally settling for a genre of painting resembling high-resolution photography – hyperrealism.

Roberta lanne‘s artwork stands out for its full-bodied subject matter.
Her harmonious compositions are deeply rooted in their Mediterranean origins and enriched by the local historical stratification. It feels as if the painter is trying to tell us that although the deep meaning of things is ruled by the passing of Time and History, humans can influence it and even modify its inner nature; things can be preserved and frozen in time through art.
The dark background that characterizes most of her works is there to direct the focus of the viewer on the main theme, which has been frozen in time by the artist’s patient brush strokes.
Roberta’s hyper-realistic style is elaborate and intimate, yet silky and smooth to the eye of the beholder.
Exhibitions and Awards.
1999 Arts and Craft Exhibition, Copertino Castle, Lecce
1999 Collective Exhibition, Corso Roma, Gallipoli, Lecce
2000 Painting and Sculpture Competition Il De Nittis
Barletta Castle Hall – Merit
2000 Picture Market Exhibition, Reggio Emilia
2000 Collective Exhibition, Elisir Art Gallery, Noicattaro, Bari
2001 Collective Exhibition, Elisir Art Gallery, Noicattaro, Bari
2001 Art Expo, Javitis Convention Center, Manhattan, New York
2001 Arts and Craft Exhibition, Copertino Castle, Lecce
2001 Galleria Studio Logos Exhibition, Roma
2001 Picture Market Exhibition, Reggio Emilia
2002 Arts and Craft Exhibition, Corigliano Castle, Otranto, Lecce
2004 BP Portrait Award, National Gallery, London
2005 BP portrait award – National Gallery, London
2005 Andrano Castle Hall, Lecce
2005 1st Prize in Painting, Cosimo Sponziello Exhibition, Tuglie, Lecce.
Roberto Antonucci

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