Manuela Monari, Writer
Manuela Monari, writer

Manuela Monari is a powerhouse of creativity. Though she started her career as a primary school teacher, her contact with the world of books and children goes far beyond her duties as an educator. In 2002 Manuela founded the Bottega di Merlino in Modena, Italy, a place that is much more than a traditional library, embracing a global approach to education and organizing workshops for children to help them develop their creativity and self-expression.

But Manuela’s main passion is writing children’s stories and poetry for adults, an art she has pursued for years. Manuela boasts several collections of poems and over thirty illustrated publications already under her belt, including Tutto in un abbraccio (Hugs Matter), illustrated by Evelyn Daviddi, and Zero baci per me! (Zero Kisses for Me), illustrated by Virginie Soumagnac. Manuela is now seeking to widen her horizons and share her wealth of experience in creative writing and hands-on workshops with the outside world through the translation of her books, audio books e-books and other materials.

In her quest for self-improvement, Manuela has long been an advocate of meditation and mindfulness and is now in her third year of undergoing a course in Mindfulness Counselling. Manuela is currently collaborating on the Gaia Kirone Project, an initiative sponsored by the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centres and by the Italian Ministry of Social Policy and Employment. The project is aimed at promoting mental and physical well being for children and adults alike, universal moral values and awareness of the planet that we live in.

Manuela lives and works in Modena, Italy.

Published work

Tutto in un abbraccio (Zoolibri Ed. 2017, available in several languages)
Così non si fa! (New hardback cover edition for the Italian libraries project, Nati per leggere, (born to read))
Saltainmente (San Paolo Ed. 2016)
Il principe non ranocchio (Zoolibri Ed. 2016)
Trema la terra, tutti giù per terra (Artebambini Ed., not for profit edition for the 2012 earthquake in Emilia)
La corsa della lumaca (Zoolibri Ed.)
Irene, il gatto e la danza (Aliberti Ed.)
Pappagallini blu e pappagallini gialli (Il gioco di leggere Ed.)
Sono triste… sono felice! (Giunti Kids)
La corsa della lumaca (Zoolibri Ed.)
Così non si fa!! (Lavieri Ed.)
Sopra o sotto? (Edizioni Lapis)
Il mostro della lavatrice (Franco Panini Ed.)
C’è un filo…  (Ed. San Paolo, also available in German)
Zero baci per me! (Zoolibri Ed., available in several languages)
W i lupi! (Giunti Kids) La timida mucca Paloma! (Il gioco di leggere Ed., also available in Chinese)
Il pinguino arcobaleno (Ed. Paoline)
Il mostruoso mostro Mostrobaldo (Giunti Kids)
Cascatachegrida ha paura (Giunti Kids)
Uffa voglio un fratellino (Giunti Kids)
La luna sul vetro (Giunti Kids)
Lavarsi? Che impresa! (Zoolibri Ed., published in several languages)
È duro essere un fantasma! (Il punto di incontro)
Sulle spalle di papà (Imaginarium Ed., available in 5 languages)
Reddy e Brilly e la mappa giallo-azzurra (Ta Chien Publishing Co.)
La volpe timorina (The Fearful Fox, Ta Chien Publishing Co.)
L’acchiappanuvole! (Guessing clouds, Ta Chien Publishing Co.)
La balena dormigliona (The Sleepy Whale, Ta Chien Publishing Co.)
Bave di ragno a colazione! (Alfa Ed. available with interactive CD)
Ho il tempo in tasca (Il punto d’incontro, available in Italian and Spanish)
Lo zen e l’arte di fare una torta (Il punto d’incontro)

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