Janice Anderson, writer
Janice Anderson, writer

Janice Anderson was born in 1972 in Preston in the north-west of England. She grew up there and went on to study French at the University of Liverpool. After graduating, she moved to Normandy and has lived there ever since. She teaches English language and literature at the Lycée Auguste Chevalier in Domfront. She lives on a farm with her partner, three children and four cats.

I write about people and life. Although I’ve spent more time in France than in Lancashire, my writing has a northern feel to it as that’s my identity, it’s what I know. I enjoy hearing or telling a good story and strive to capture moments or people with words, framing them in a narrative with affection and sympathy.

I was always a keen reader in general and avidly reading French classics helped me learn to speak and write French fluently. I wholeheartedly encourage my own students to read and, while a novel in a foreign language might seem like a daunting venture to the learner, short stories are a good compromise, offering a whole free-standing entity within a few pages.

Janice is currently working on a collection of stories complete with glossary and comprehension aid for learners of English.

Her first self-published work, The Typewriter and Other Stories, a collection of Janice’s own short stories together with those of Erwan Lévénez, is destined for all, simply to be read and enjoyed.

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