Elisa Algarotti illustrator
Elisa Algarotti, illustrator

Elisa Algarotti was born in Trento, Italy, in 1994 and currently lives in the small mountain village of Fornace. Showing a keen interest in illustrating from a very young age, Elisa went on to attend the Medie d’Arte Winkler institute in Trento, where she learned the basics for her passion for art. For academic reasons, she had to set aside this passion until 2014, when she started attending the Cultural Heritage University in Trento. To further pursue her creativity in her second year she decided to do a weekly painting course.

In the following years, she and a friend of hers embarked on a number of projects in her area. The first of these projects was an animated book for children, which drew from diverse art forms, including Japanese theatre, known as Kamishibai, Chinese Shadows and a series of creative workshops. The second project involved providing support for elementary school pupils with learning difficulties.

In May 2017 Elisa started collaborating with the writer, Francesca Patton, on the fantasy novel Lanterna di Luce (A New Light), a project for which she is creating the illustrations.

I believe that art is a form of therapy that helps you express your feelings and dreams”, she says. “A picture is like a mirror into your soul; it reflects your fantasies and creativity.”

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