Chiara Criniti
Chiara Criniti, artist and illustrator

On completing her studies in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, Italy, Chiara Criniti went on to specialize in Illustrations at various institutions, including the S. Zavřel International School of Illustration in Sarmede and the Fine Art Factory in Martina Franca, Italy.

She started creating illustrations for children but over the years her focus has shifted to issues related to the psyche, to the deeper meanings hidden in language and to the more daring connections between words and images. She is interested in feelings, emotions and troubles of the soul. She loves to read and write poetry and these passions nourish her inner vision of life and people.

Her works, many of which can be viewed on her own private blog, are conveyed through the use of a mixture of media, including but not limited to collage, pencil, pastels and acrylic paint. In particular, after experimenting with a variety of methods, Chiara Criniti finally decided that Monotyping was the technique that best suited her approach to art. The technique involves designing an image onto a non-absorbent surface to create a unique plate. The image is then transferred onto the medium concerned by pressing the two surfaces together by various methods. In addition to that, the use of vibrant colours and bold contrasts, alongside the mélange of various materials and media, enables her to create a complex world where reality coexists with metaphorical elements, the surreal and psychological; a world that can be interpreted on different levels.

Chiara’s works have been featured on a number of books (e.g. per La bambina delle lucciole, Apprendisti Poeti and La ruota delle favole. Filastrocche, racconti, interviste, available on Amazon), magazines and journals, including BACP Therapy Today, Illustration Daily and the prestigious yearly publication issued by the Italian Association of Authors of Images, ANNUAL 2014. They have also been included in several artistic projects edited by Lupo Editore and Secop Edizioni in Italy. In 2017, Together, her poignant illustration for the article Men and Perinatal Depression featured in the BACP Therapy Today, was shortlisted for the prestigious Communications Arts Illustration Competition and won an Editorial Merit Award at the IJungle Illustration Award. Moreover her artwork The Custodians was on display during THE ARTBOX.PROJECTS Basel 1.0 exhibition. Chiara was also exhibiting during the panartistic event Lost in Shangai, a literary walk in the historical city centre of Maruggio (IT). In September 2017 Chiara’s series of portraits titled “Pretesti di-visi”, inspired by the faces and expressions of men and women from the older generation, was on display at Scaramuzza Arte Contemporanea, a renowned art gallery in Lecce, Italy. At the beginning of 2018 Chiara’s artwork, The Human Cargo was shortlisted for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize and was part of an exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London while Sunken Infinity was featured at the Artbox.Project New York 1.0.

Chiara is now a member of the British AOI (Association of Illustrators) and of the Women Who Draw directory of women illustrators.

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