One More Time with Feeling is a full feature film in 3D shown in selected cinemas and for a very limited time to mark the release of Skeleton Tree, the latest musical creation by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. We managed to secure last minute tickets in our local cinema in Dulwich, London and, though we were deprived of the 3D special effects, the gloomy atmosphere exuding from the picture continues to haunt me still, weeks after watching it. The film focuses on the recording of Skeleton Tree and features interviews with Nick Cave and his family, as well as his fellow Bad Seed and friend Warren Ellis. The picture was shot totally in dark black and white tones. The surreal Gothic setting of Nick Cave’s creations is not surprising, but this time around the whole experience is made more painful by the recent events in the life of Nick Cave. We had left him at the top of his game and at the apex of happiness at the end of his previous documentary, the luminous 20,000 Days on Earth. We find him at his lowest point, just 2 years on. The film was conceived in order to avoid the promotional tour de force for the oncoming album, to avoid obvious questions from callous journalists although we are informed that the songs, despite their prescient words, actually had been written long before the event. The performance on screen, post trauma, enhances the music’s heart-breaking intensity, it is full of dignity, never melodramatic. The most moving memory, Nick Cave’s voice, a voice now broken by grief because of the loss of his teenage son.

11 September 2016:  One More Time with Feeling – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


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