An evening at the theatre in Copenhagen seeking refuge from the bitter easterly wind sweeping the city. The square where the theatre is located is a working site, our first impression is not as dramatic as it should have been. When inside, it is very clear that the tired looking Royal Theatre itself is in desperate need of tender loving care, moreover the remaining seats, leftovers after the locals have chosen the best, are not exactly spectacular… they are spectacularly steep though, but despite it all the dancers work their magic over us accompanied by modern, classical and tribal music. If only the music had been played live, the experience would have been perfect. The program includes three separate choreographic pieces created by 3 very different professionals. The performance of the three pieces is mind blowing in many ways, starting from the monochromatic, visually minimalist, pitch perfect, soothing Infra conceived by Wayne McGregor; followed by the burst of life, joyous and ironic performance by eight female dancers strutting their stuff spurred on by Steve Reich’s Drumming; ending with the powerful, visceral, tribal, remarkable Vertical Road infused with geometric choral figures moving frantically to the pulsating, throbbing, dreamy music created by Nitin Sawney. The names, royalty from the dance, visual and music world, are fully credited below, the picture courtesy of the KGL website, depicts the last and most impressive Vertical Road.

Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Music: Max Richter
Design: Julian Opie
Costumes: Moritz Junge
Lighting designer: Lucy Carter

Falling Angels
Choreographer: Jiří Kylián
Music: Steve Reich
Costume designer: Joke Visser
Lighting designer: Jiři Kylián and Joop Caboort

Vertical Road
Choreographer: Akram Khan
Music: Nitin Sawhney
Costume designer: Kimie Nakano
Lighting designer: Jesper Kongshaug

18 March 2017: Giant Steps KGL-Teater Copenhagen

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