I could only manage a taster of Saatchi’s Selfie exhibition as I was running against the clock, closing time being 5 pm, while I was hoping it would be at least 6. My bad. I often stroll around the Saatchi Gallery as it showcases the work of many contemporary artists from all over the world. Still vivid in my mind Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s artwork during an exhibition dedicated to China, 10 years ago. Their work Old Persons Home displayed life-sized statues of elderly and fragile people, closely resembling famous, or rather infamous, world leaders on wheelchairs set on a collision course in a large clinical room in the gallery. World leaders battling it out on wheelchairs despite themselves despite their infirmities, the irony of it all, just brilliant. And the selfie exhibition appears to be just as revolutionary and playful. I particularly enjoyed the interactive room displaying on video selfies painted in the past, or self-portraits as they used to be called, to demonstrate the obsession with oneself is nothing new. Exhibiting on large screens instead of the originals, made the experience more vivid. Similarly as impressive the gallery where a huge number of video conversations, the way we would view our friends and family when having a video conversation, where being projected on 3 sides of the room, wall to ceiling. The experience was exhilarating.

From Selfie to Self-Expression – Saatchi Gallery April 2017

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