Stillarte is a virtual gallery created by a heterogeneous group of global artists living and working in several locations around the world. The site features original and diverse artwork created in a variety of artistic fields ranging from poetry to illustrations, from paintings to photography.

Our manifesto: our online gallery aims to promote artists from all over the world and from all walks of life. Our dream is to bring art into everybody’s life beyond any cultural or physical borders.

Our mission: Stillarte is there to provide logistical support to artists who want to promote their work globally through our site or by organizing exhibitions and events worldwide.

Artwork: All artwork featured on the site is available for purchase in a variety of formats from simple postcards to limited edition prints on canvas autographed by the artists in person.

Diary: The site features a diary-like blog which has been conceived as a record of contemporary live events that we have witnessed and have left a lasting impression on our community. We will record impressions of events that inspire us, feed our imagination and make us feel alive and creative.

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